Wednesday, July 21, 2010

-25 pounds!

Since March 15th I have lost 25 pounds! I'm so stoked! I have another 10 to loose before I'll be around my goal weight, but I really love the way I look thus far--aside from very loose skin around my belly. I've been running for over a month now. Yesterday I was able to run 2 miles without stopping. Pretty stinkin' awesome if you ask me! I use to be the worst runner ever and I still am not the most amazing at it, but I'm getting there and it's neat to see how my endurance has built up.
Elijah and I were on vacation for a month in Utah and Colorado. It was a fantastic vacation and now that we are home I wish I would have extended it! Only because I'm way more bored now than I was, but it has been great to be home in my own house without living in a suitcase!
I have a ton of pictures to upload which I won't do right now because it would take forever and I need to run.
I am going to upload two pictures I took of myself this week.
Sorry for the long period of nothingness. Vacations will do that to ya! Plus, I'm getting to talk to Justin more so writing things here isn't near as important.
We are roughly 10 weeks away from homecoming and I cannot wait!!
Till I post again--