Sunday, August 28, 2011

27-35 weeks.

I knew I was going to kick myself for not posting for a few months! The tale end of my pregnancy was spent in the hospital where I had very limited internet access.
The last picture is actually from the day I delivered the babies.
At 31 weeks I was hospitalized. I went in for my routine visit and was 2 cm dilated (where as the week before I wasnt at all). My doctor sent me over to labor and delivery to get my steriod shot as well as to be monitored for an hour or so to see if I was contracting. I actually ended up going into labor and was admitted for the duration of my pregnancy.
The 5 weeks before the babies came wasn't so bad. I had great nurses and doctors who took great care of me as well as plenty of visitors!
My mom had come to visit me a few weeks before I was admitted and we decided that it would be best that she take Elijah back to her house with her until I delivered since we weren't sure how my pregnancy would end. I'm so thankful we made that decision. Though it was the longest and toughest 6 weeks without Eli, we got to skype often and talk on the phone every night. Plus, he had a great summer with his Mimi, Papa, cousins, and aunts.
I gained a total of 41 lbs during my pregnancy which was about 10-20lbs less than what they wanted, but my body just wouldn't gain more. They even had dietary bringing me three snacks on top of the three large meals a day!
Justin came down at least once during the week and then spent all weekend with me. He was pretty bored during those weekend visits, but I really enjoyed his company.
I spent most of my days sleeping and being monitored. It was great to hear my babies heart beats twice a day, but after a while it became a chore because I had VERY active babies!
I'll end with the few pictures I do have of while I was in the hospital before delivery!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

26 weeks.

Can you believe I have 8 more weeks till I hit my goal week of 34 weeks? I'm feeling good.... most of the time. Back pain started really kicking in this last week so I've been taking lots of warm baths and resting a lot more. We had a dr appt on Thursday. It was our second growth scan too. The babies are looking great and pretty big for their age! Emmalyn is weighing 1lb 11 oz, Graham is weighing 1lb 9 oz, and Hudson is weighing 1lb 12 oz. I can't believe I have over 5lbs of just baby in there! All my doctors are really impressed with how well everything is going and are sure I will be able to carry them to 34 weeks without much problem. They are keeping a close eye on me though just in case I do start to develop pre-eclampsia or any other common thing that goes along side carrying multiples.
We finally ordered the kiddo's car seats this past weekend. Actually, we bought the boys theirs and Justin's parents bought Emmalyn's. They should all be here in the next week! Our next big thing to knock off the to-do list is buying a bigger vehicle. We've been on the hunt for about a month now, but everything is either out of our price range or has to many miles on it. It's pretty hard not to be picky about what you are buying when you are spending so much money on it. Hopefully in the next couple weeks something will work out and we will fine one. Until then I'm slowly going through all the baby items we do have and kinda organizing them. I can only do things in spurts because sitting to long hurts my back. Thankfully my mom will be here soon and she can help with all of that!
I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the extra day off. I'm so thankful to live in a country that is free and takes such great pride in our military.

Friday, May 27, 2011

25 weeks.

To say this last week was uneventful would be the understatement of the century. Last Friday I woke up from my nap and had an awful pain in my chest. I thought it was heartburn so I took some maalox and drank a big glass of milk hoping to relieve the pain. It didn't work. We had plans with good friends of ours to go to the movies on a double date and I was not about to let some 'heart burn' ruin the fun. By the time we got to the theater the pain had worsened. We got our seats and I was able to sit through the movie with a little bit of discomfort, but I was bound and determined to enjoy my time out. When we were leaving the theater I realized my hands and feet were really swollen and I was getting really dizzy. All the symptoms put together raised a ton of red flags because I had severe pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy and I've been warned that if I get it again it will come on really quickly. On the drive home the pain in my chest started to go away, but I was still swollen, dizzy, now with a headache. My friends mother in law happened to be in town and she is a post-pardum nurse. She advised me to lay on my left side for 30-60 minutes and see if it helped with anything. It did help and I went right to sleep without any problems. Unfortunately, the next morning I woke up not feeling great so I called the triage nurse on call to ask if I should come in to get checked out or if she thought I was okay enough to just rest... of course they said come in. We packed some snacks and toys for Elijah just in case we were there a while. I was seen pretty quickly and they took some blood and urine to be tested. Before the results came back they and said that as far as they were concerned I looked great and just needed to go home and rest, but we did need to wait to see what the lab work said before making any final decisions. When they came back just about 20 minutes later their moods had changed. I knew I was going to have to stay... Protein had showed up in my urine which is a good indication that pre-eclampsia is setting in. They wanted me to stay over night to get a 24 hour urine collection so they would be able to have a better idea if I really was pre-eclamptic or not. Let me just say, it is VERY VERY boring sitting in a hospital bed for over 24 hours! I actually wasn't on any type of restriction. I could come and go as I pleased... I just couldn't leave the hospital. Justin and Elijah hung out with me until a little after dinner time. They headed home and I watched a few movies and went to bed. I didn't sleep well at all that night. Between uncomfortably flat pillows, a fan that only had one speed--high, and lights from the nurses stations blinding me it was a useless effort. I was able to spend quite a bit of time reading my Bible and praying. As much as I hated being alone it was a sweet time with Jesus.
Thankfully the next late afternoon I was discharged on a clean bill of health. Justin was very happy to bring me home (he didn't handle me being there as well as I thought he would and when he was there with me he was pretty much bored out of his mind!) My protein levels are at 264 and in order to be diagnosed pre-eclamptic they need to be at 300 or above. We are praying that my levels don't rise and that I can stay out of the hospital for the rest of the time. We still have so much to do before these guys come. Their nursery isn't even started. Thankfully my mom is coming next week and she will be able to help me organize and prioritize everything.

Friday, May 20, 2011

24 weeks.

We've made it to a viable stage!! From here on out our babies will make it if they are born early. This week I haven't felt great. My body gets pretty sore, especially at night. Heart burn is in full force too. I can't even think about eating anything with spice in it without feeling like I'm going to get it. Other than that I'm feeling good. I have energy first thing in the morning so I try to accomplish a little during the day. Unfortunately I still have to rely on Justin for most everything. He's been a great sport about doing all the cooking and cleaning, but I can definitely tell he is so ready for me to take over again!
We go next week for our second growth scan. I'm anxious to see how much each baby weighs and how long they are. At 19.5 weeks they were all measuring bigger than singletons! We all know they aren't shy.
Elijah is in his last month of preschool. Where did the year go? He has had a great time making new friends and learning new things. He unfortunately won't be returning next year. Between the trio, how far away it is, and that it's a learning through play instead of an actual pre-k curriculum Justin and I both feel like he will be fine staying home. We've actually been going through a workbook with him. He is getting better and better at writing. I'm so proud of him!
Thats about all that has been going on here this week. I will hopefully have pictures up of our new place soon. I want to hang things back up on the walls and get the curtains hung too! Have a great weekend ya'll!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

23 weeks.

I almost forgot to post this weeks picture! Our lives have been chaos this last week. Yesterday we moved from one house to another. It was the fastest move we've ever done. We had a fantastic group of friends come and help. Justin had all the guys over at the other house while I was at the new house directing where things go and had all my girl friends unpack important boxes. I think we were done in just under 3 hours. Like completely done... Our bedroom was all put together, bedding and all. Elijah's room is done. The babies things are in their room waiting to be dealt with... both bathrooms are put together. Our living room is set up and so is the kitchen and dining room. All that is left is a few odds and ends like hanging frames and art and putting away the rest of our laundry.
Today Justin is cleaning the other house so that we can hand over the keys tomorrow and be completely done with that house. I also have a baby shower this afternoon. I'm pretty stoked about it too! For the first 3ish years of being in the Marine Corps I prayed daily that God would give Justin and I good friends. Friends we can rely on for anything, who will have similar morals and values, and who love Jesus. We have those friends! I honestly don't know how I would have survived the last 1.5 years here without them. They were my support when Justin was deployed and have been my help/brain/encouragement since getting pregnant. I feel so blessed.
This past week I also went and saw my OB. All the babies look great. Still 2 boys and girl. PHEW! My body is really handling this pregnancy beautifully. My doctor said that she is sure that I am one of (if not the) best triplet pregnancy she has ever had. God is so good huh? Other than feeling large and starting to have to slow down more I feel great. My back rarely hurts, I still have ankles, I can still wear my rings, and so far am carrying mostly in my stomach! I'm trying my best to enjoy these last months before Emmalyn, Graham, and Hudson make their debut. It won't be long before I won't know what peace and quiet is! I'm savoring all these precious moments I get to snuggle Elijah. Him and I spend a lot of time reading books, playing cars, snuggling, and talking about whatever interests him. He's such a fantastic boy. I cannot wait to see him be a big brother! He will be the best!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

22 weeks.

Elijah wanted to be in this week's picture. Actually he is in the picture every week but usually those are just out-takes before Justin takes the real one. The last week is sort of a blur and very busy. We finally got a bigger house and will be moving in just a little over a week. We have nothing packed and honestly, I'm dreading packing. We have to paint and clean before handing over the keys to this house. I use the word 'we' loosely because it will be mostly Justin doing the packing, moving, and cleaning. I spend the majority of my days resting and letting the trio take over my body. I cannot wait to get out and exercise again. I have enjoyed stuffing my face with all the foods I would not normally eat or at least not eat as much of, but I've actually had enough. I want good yummy food again. I want to get up and cook a healthy balanced dinner and have it ready for when my love gets home from work instead of relying on him to cook for me.
ANYWAY, sorry for that little rant. I'm so excited to have made it this far with very little issues. Many many triplet moms are not as fortunate and a lot of them end up on bed rest for the majority of their pregnancy. In the 3 years and 9 months in-between my pregnancies God did a major work in my body and created a beautiful safe haven for our sweet peas to grow. I am so thankful for his perfect plan in that and allowing me to grow in Him during the time we waited. For now I'll be patient in waiting for our trio to continue to grow and get stronger. I can't say I'm not anxious to meet each of them, but I am enjoying the time I get to carry them in my womb and feel their bodies move!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

21 weeks.

All I can think is "holy huge"! Can I really get much bigger? This last week has been a big growing week for the babies. I grew 3 inches around in just a matter of a week.
I'm doing really well though. I did make a trip to L&D on Tuesday because I had some severe pain in my right side, but it turns out it is just round ligament pain.... well not just because if you've ever had it you know its more painful than labor! Thankfully the last few days the pain has died down and it only hurts when I sneeze or cough.
The babies move I don't think all of them ever sleep at the same time. Lately Graham has been fighting with his sister. I cannot wait to meet him, all of them, but specifically him. He is the most active baby of the bunch. I am betting he will be the testiest also (since he will be the middle child too) Hudson is so very calm and quiet. I think he will be my snuggle bunny. And well Emmalyn, she's gonna be mommy's helper and daddy's little girl. Definitely the princess. We have for sure less than 16 weeks till they are here!! I have so much to do and prepare.... one step at a time!

Monday, April 18, 2011

20 weeks.

I felt great most of the week. The babies are moving a lot now. We had a dr appt on Thursday that went great! Each of them look great and all have functioning organs. The perinatologist said he was very impressed with their size and actually thinks I could go to 37 weeks if my body continues to handle everything the way it is. Emmalyn is the lowest and baby A. She will remain that till d-day. She is weighing in at 9oz. She was pretty shy the entire appt but we did get to see her sweet face a little and all her limbs, hands, and feet! She is the peanut of the group too! Graham is our baby B and the rowdy one of the bunch. He wanted to be in every picture the doctor tried to take of his siblings. He is my most active baby for sure. He weighs 11 oz. He is sitting on my right side. Hudson is our baby C. He is the much calmer than Graham but still makes his presence known occasionally (as I type actually!) He weighs 10 oz. He is on my left side.
They are all kicking hard enough now where I can feel them outside my stomach so Justin gets to feel them every so often. Elijah has even been in on the action. He was pretty concerned they were hurting me, but I reassured him that they don't kick hard enough to hurt---yet!
I also measured my belly this past week too. It's 46.5 inches around!! Before too long I'll be close to 5ft around! I didn't take many pictures of my pregnancy with Elijah but I know I am about the same size as I was when I delivered him at 33 weeks. I'm also just a few pounds away from that delivery weight.
All in all I'm feeling great. I'm taking it easy and not over-doing myself. Justin went grocery shopping all on his own the first time yesterday. It was a pretty big deal considering he only goes when I absolutely need him.... He did great!! I am very impressed. He has also taken over doing most of the chores including cleaning the house, dishes, laundry, and trash! Sometimes I pitch in if it's something I can do while sitting--- like folding laundry. I am definitely slowing down, but I am thankful I am not on bedrest yet.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

19 weeks.

This picture is a lot better than last week. Last week I was wearing a shirt thats to big for me right now so I just looked bigger.... well thats what I'm telling myself anyway!
My stomach has dropped a little, but from all I've read its very normal this stage in the game. The babies are moving a ton and I can tell where each one of them are most of the time.
I've gained more weight which is good, but it's scary to see that number so high! I think so far I've gained a total of 25ish pounds! I'm almost to my delivery weight with Elijah..... It's for the babies. It's for the babies. It's for the babies! All I have to say is TUMMY TUCK! haha
I feel good. Tired and heavy, but good. I see my doctor tomorrow for my 19.5 week appt. I am hoping I won't go on bedrest, but I just might because of some small issues (dizziness, pelvic pressure, light headed, etc...) We shall see!
No other news to report from here. Waiting for a house. Praying one comes available soon. I sure want to get this show on the road! The military is on a totally different time schedule than the rest of the world... Semper Gumby right?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

18 weeks.

Not much to tell this week. Growing. A lot more sore and tired. I hope the weeks keep going fast because I can already tell when the time gets closer I am going to be so done. I don't know how my skin will stretch much more, but it just does! What an amazing creater we have!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

17 weeks.

I've made it halfway to my goal week of 34 weeks! I felt good this last week other than a migraine for 3 days. The babies are moving a lot more too. I really am hoping Justin can feel them soon! I've gained right about 10-11 lbs which is probably a little less than what I should have gained, but I'm definitely doing all I can to get in as many calories during the day as possible.
We picked names for our sweet ones too! Graham Louis, Hudson Theodore, and Emmalyn Jayne will be joining our family this summer! I love their names so much! They all are older names which I love! Plus the fact that Justin and I agree on all of them makes it all the more special! Their middle names are all family names. Louis is my grandpas name. He passed away a little over 2 years ago and had a special place in our hearts (especially Justin's). Theodore is my step-dad's name. I think its a pretty neat name and you don't hear it often at all. Plus he has been a huge part of Justin and I's life together as husband and wife. He always is happy to see us (especially Justin... I see a trend here. haa) Jayne is the middle name of my best friend and sister in laws daughter that went to heaven before we met her. I tried really hard to come up with a name having to do with her name, Carleigh Elizabeth, but I never could decide. Then she suggested I use Jayne and that she would be just as honored. So Jayne it is!
So that is my weekly update! I can't wait to see these guys next month!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

16 weeks

I can't believe how much I have grown! It really does amaze me every week. I didn't take pictures with Elijah like with these guys. I think I only have a picture at 20 weeks and I'm MUCH smaller than this! I've gained more weight which is great. It's certainly a shock when I step on the scale and it shows a number I've never seen outside of pregnancy!
I feel good and enjoy feeling the babies move. They haven't kicked hard enough and long enough to have Justin feel, but I am sure before to long they will.
I met my new doctor yesterday. It was a good appointment. My mom came with me which I was happy about because I am on limited duty (no lifting anything, resting a lot, and doing as much sitting while cooking and cleaning as possible) and if I had gone alone Justin may not have believed me... haha We got to see and hear all their heartbeats.
I think there are definitely still 2 boys and a girl in there, but we will know for sure in just a few weeks when I go in for my 2 hour anatomy scan!
Everything else is going great. We celebrated Elijah's 4th birthday this past weekend. He had lots of fun and was so blessed by all who came!
Today he officially turns 4! I don't know where the time has gone. He is literally growing up before my eyes and I don't like it to much! He is already counting down till he turns 5.... I'm not anywhere near ready for that yet!!
My prayer for him this year is that he grows more in love with Jesus and he enjoys every step in becoming a big brother!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The trio in action!

Just a little something Justin and I put together to share with everyone each of our babies!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 weeks

Feeling good and getting bigger! Justin made it home and this week we will find out what our babies are (as long as they corporate). I'm almost halfway now.. Between now and a few weeks will be the half way mark. I'm excited that I've had a very good pregnancy and we are praying it continues! I'm not sick almost at all anymore aside from headaches and occasional nausea. I feel the babies kick every now and again. Sunday one kicked really hard and I swore if Justin was touching that spot he would have felt it. I hope soon he will be able to feel them.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our first baby purchase!

We did it! We finally bought something for out trio! It is by far the most money we've ever spent on any one baby item, but it will quickly become another family member when our darlings get here!
So without further ado, here is what we are calling "The Cadillac"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

14 weeks

That babies are definitely growing! I got to see them this week! They all are developing beautifully and even put on a show for my doctor and I. Justin wasn't able to make this appointment (which wasn't really an appt more of a "I haven't felt the babies move can I come in to make sure they are okay?" type of thing). I did get great pictures of each of them and heard their little heart beats again!! I have more energy this week and am enjoying getting out to enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather.
I have gained a total of 3 lbs this pregnancy! I need to gain about 50 by week 30 so I need to get cracking on that.
On the 21st I will see my new doctor who will be taking over my care. I'm very sad to leave my current doctor as she was the only doctor who was proactive in helping us get pregnant. It's okay though because I know I am in good hands and will be well taken care of. My doctor told me on Monday to send her an email around our scheduled c-section and she'll come and see us and the babies!
We are hoping to have a 3D/4D ultra sound done this month too and to hopefully find out what these sweet babes are! My mom is coming to town next week and I would love to be able to do that while she is here.
So, all in all this week is good! Excited to have Justin home again and spend time as a family!!
Baby A

Baby B

Baby C

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

13 weeks/ 2nd Trimester

I am finally at 13 weeks!! So far I haven't gained any weight... surprising, but hopefully this trimester I will be able to gain the weight the babies need. I've been pretty sick, but my appetite is coming back. The babies kick pretty regularly. My stomach is heavy so walking far distances is tiring, but my energy is coming back. I can go most days without napping, but it usually means I'm going to be early.
Elijah talks to the babies and is so funny about making sure I'm feeding them.
All is well with me! I'm so thankful for no complications thus far. I will more than likely be on bedrest in the next 10 weeks or so, but I'm hoping to make it to 28 weeks still being able to do things.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

We have movement!

ABC are very active little people!! In the last few days I have felt them move more and more. Last night I actually felt one kick from the outside! I am 12.5 weeks so its pretty early to be feeling them, but I am not complaining! I am so so so enjoying every moment of it! Pretty soon Justin and Eli will be able to feel them too!

Here is a picture of me at 12 weeks... I'm huge.... and uncomfortable, but so very excited and happy to be blessed with these babies!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll just start from the beginning of yesterday.
Yesterday was my first OB/GYN appt with this pregnancy. It was long awaited for and I was over the moon excited about it. We've known for a little over 7 weeks that we are expecting. To the rest of the world the 7 weeks seemed to crawl but to me it flew. When I was pregnant with Elijah I felt like I was at the doctors all the time so I was looking forward to not having to go all the time. Boy, was I ever wrong in that thinking!
We got to the doctors and I was taken back pretty quickly. Because it was my first appointment my doctor had to do a few different exams and then also go over my medical history. Before long I was getting my first ultrasound! As soon as I saw the screen I knew we were having multiples. My doctor asked "did you see that?" I said "oh my gosh, yes!". Justin looked at me with a confused look but then nervously smiled to reassure me. She began to count "one, two, three, four... oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" I started to cry. I knew we were having more than expected and I immediately thought "how are we going to do this? how can we afford 4 babies!"
As the ultrasound continued we heard and saw three healthy babies. All great size with strong beating hearts. Then we got to baby D. The sack wasn't empty, but the baby had already passed. There were no fluids pumping through any organs. Our sweet baby D went to be with Jesus at around 8 weeks gestation. My heart sank a little. I continued to cry and began to pray for the Lord to protect and watch over our three healthy and thriving babies.
Once Justin realized we weren't having 6 or 7 he just smiled and laughed. He held my hand and kissed it a few times. He assured me that God would provide for each of these babies.
After the ultrasound we went to my doctors office. We sat down and talked about some major details that would affect the pregnancy. The major one was that because there are so many we will have to deliver them early. My due date isn't till September 5th, but as long as all goes well we will be welcoming ABC (as they are being called right now) in the first few weeks of July. They will spend a few weeks in the NICU growing and developing some more before coming home. I also will have to have a c-section which does not thrill me at all. I'm actually more nervous about that than taking care of three little ones. At about 24 weeks I will be transferring my care to a doctor who specializes in high order multiples. More than likely at around that week I will also be put on bedrest. It is very common to spend many weeks on bedrest with multiples and the more you have the sooner you will be on it.
So far I haven't had any major complications. No bleeding, contractions, or major pains. We are continuing to believe that God will protect and keep these babies for as long as need be and that I will have very few complications.
We ask that you be praying for both the babies and myself. The chances of miscarriage are higher with three. Every week I am pregnant is a week they get stronger and have a higher chance of surviving. Also, my uterus is stretching and growing at a much faster pace than normal so the odds of it rupturing are higher... Again, we have faith that God will continue to hold us in His hands.
Isaiah 43:7 says "Everyone who is called by My name, Whom I have created for My glory; I have formed him, yes, I have made him."

Friday, February 4, 2011

5 years of wedded bliss!!

Where has the time gone? Today we celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary! I can still vividly remember the moment Justin asked me to be his girlfriend. He has made this crazy life so fun and rememberable. Justin is everything and more that I prayed for since I was a young girl!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

7 weeks 2 days

Well I had thought I'd post in the last week because I thought I was going to see my doctor to see how many babies really are in there, but it looks like that won't be happening till February. What can you do? Honestly, I'm not in any hurry to go to the doctor. Everyone else is though! This last week has been interesting. Last Friday I woke up in the middle of the night pretty sick. I think I got some sort of food poisoning or maybe my body just didn't like what I had eaten for dinner... either way, it all came back up. Justin was great taking care of me. He hasn't had to deal with me being really sick other than migraines so it was great to see him in action. He was gone for 95% of my pregnancy with Elijah so this is a whole new playing field for him.
Well, ever since that Friday I have felt perpetually nauseous. It's pretty annoying to be honest. I was feeling so great for about 2 weeks then it was like a brick wall hit. I have good days and bad days. The bad days consist of lots of cartoons for Eli and naps on the couch for me. On my good days I try to get stuff done around here that I don't do when I'm down. Let me just say, I do a lot around here! The house has been in chaos since I got sick. There is probably 5 or 6 huge loads of laundry to put away and the entire house needs to be cleaned. I was able to convince Justin to clean the bathroom yesterday because the smell coming from it was making me sick. See, isn't he just so good to me? Today is a much better day. I didn't wake up with a headache and I'm not feeling that sick. So that means I need to get lots done.
Elijah has been great on my bad days, especially last Friday when I literally didn't get out of bed all day. He entertains himself and lets me sleep. He actually comes up and kisses my forehead and tells me to go to sleep so I can feel better. I don't think we'll get lucky again with a kid just like him.. Actually, if the way I feel has anything to do with how this new baby will be I can bet it will be the polar opposite of Elijah. We are up for the challenge though!
Well, thats all the news I have now. I hope to have more news in the coming weeks about the baby/ies. For now, i'm off to relax for a little while with Elijah before I get to work!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We're pregnant!!

That's right. We found out on New Year's eve! It's probably the best late Christmas gift I've ever got! 2 years and 1 month after our first time trying! It has been a long emotional road, but I couldn't be happier than I am right now!--- that is until I see this little one and hold it in my arms!
My last post I wrote about having to do IVF to get pregnant and it being a year long wait. I was completely discouraged. Justin and I both felt like maybe God was closing the door for us to have our own so we began the adoption process. We submitted our paperwork and actually still have an appt for Jan 10. I think I will probably cancel it now since God has clearly closed those doors--for now!
This last month I started my new treatment which consisted of progesterone, clomid, follistim, and HCG. We actually weren't going to try this month because we were going on vacation and with this new medicine you have to have shots and ultrasounds on specific cycle days. I emailed my doctor and told her that we'd start fresh the beginning of the year. The day she replied was the day I started my cycle on my own! Completely surprised and shocked since I haven't actually had one on my own in a while (at least 3 or 4 months and before that 5 years!) It also happened to be the last day before we'd run out of time to complete the medicines before leaving on our vacation. I was rejoicing because I just knew that God was doing something big! Everything went as smoothly as it could. I was able to take most of the medicine before leaving, but Justin did have to give me the HCG the day after we left. He was a sport about it and did it without it even hurting a little bit. Within 24-36 hours of the shot I would ovulate (for the first time since starting this journey) I took a couple pregnancy tests to see if I was and sure enough I was! I also tested for about 10 days after that to see how long the HCG lasted in my system. On Christmas Eve I tested negative so I really thought I wasn't pregnant... even though I would be just a week post-implantation.
We went about the next week as if I wasn't pregnant and just enjoyed being with family. It was always in the back of my mind, but I honestly thought it wouldn't happen with all the things going against us.
At 7:30am on New Years Eve I got up to go to the bathroom and to test. It immediately came back positive! I just kept saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh". I debated waiting to tell Justin right away, but I couldn't keep it in. Shortly after Elijah woke up and we told him the news! He immediately asked for a brother and a sister. I just couldn't believe it! We were in shock and just amazed at how great our God is. We had so many people praying for us this time, people we didn't even know.
My due date is September 5, 2011. That is unless we are having more than one which is possible, but we don't know for sure yet. I will hopefully know for sure the end of this week.
Justin and I give all the glory and praise to the Lord. The last two years have certainly been full of ups and downs both mentally and emotionally, but we are grateful for the extra time we've had with Elijah as well as the extra time to really unite as a family. We can't wait to meet this little blessing(s). I am trying very hard to enjoy this entire process.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and for this little blessing. We ask you continue to pray for a healthy, event-free pregnancy.