Saturday, November 20, 2010

IVF/ Adoption

This week was like any other week around here. Justin worked, Elijah had preschool and lots of play time with friends, I cleaned and cooked and snuggled both my boys till they turned blue! Then came Thursday. I made a last minute doctors appt because I needed to get ahold of my doctor to order me more medicine and she wouldn't respond to my emails. I had no idea that at that appointment our expectations would change forever.
You see, for the last 2 years every doctor has been hopeful that we would get pregnant within the next few months. At this point I have done 8 rounds of clomid. I went on a diet during the summer to help my body do what its suppose to do. I don't ovulate or even get a period on my own. Which isn't surprising because of my PCOS, but the odd thing is is that all my levels are normal. Nothing is elevated even a little. I also have had one successful pregnancy so why shouldn't I be able to have more?
My doctor proceeded to tell me that our only option would be to do IVF. No big deal right? NOT! I still have 6 more months worth of treatment before I can be put on the year long waiting list. So at the earliest we are looking at next February for our first round of IVF if all goes as planned... and well we all know that dealing with military doctors nothing goes as planned. So while the news was hard to digest, the hardest part is that we may not even be in the Marines next February.
Justin and I are praying about what our next step is because his 5 year contract is up in October. If he gets out we will start this process over (not all of it, but some anyway) and be put on a new waiting list with a new doctor and possibly paying for the entire thing ourselves.
The news is hard any way you look at it. We've been trying over 2 years and will be trying for at least 18 more months before what I need done can get done.
All the while we have been praying about adoption. It's always been a conversation in our home. Even when we were dating we talked about adopting later in life when our kids were older... never did I think it would be something that we would start to seriously pray about at the ages of 24 and 25. We have though and we are excited at the prospect of this being the way we will add to our family. We are still in the praying and seeking council stages, but we both feel this may be where God has been leading us all this time.

I'd also like to add that we do know that God can get us pregnant at anytime and we have faith that he will heal my body. He has given us this desire and has placed us here for a reason. We are so very thankful for the support that our family and friends have given us. Please continue to pray for and with us as we wait on the Lord to reveal to us where we should be going from here.