Saturday, October 9, 2010

He's home!!

That's right, my love made it home safely from Afghanistan on Wednesday! We have been enjoying lots of family time the last few days. Homecoming was amazing. I had two sweet friends with me to video tape it as well as photograph it. Our last homecoming sorta fell apart (times kept getting pushed back and it ended up being at 4am!) so needless to say I was so excited to have both Chynna and Kelly there to document the 4th best day of my life!
We are still getting use to being together again. It's certainly a transition, but so far so good! We've been to Lego Land and the beach plus had a really great meal at Outback! Since it's Saturday that means football is on. Anyone who knows me personally knows I absolutely LOVE to snuggle with Justin on football days! It's a good solid afternoon of just me and him on the couch enjoying each others company.
As for Elijah and Justin.... well they picked up right where they left off! Those two are like to peas in a pod! Justin had Elijah laughing so hard the other day and I thought "I'm pretty sure he hasn't laughed that hard since Justin left." Justin has said about 10 times now he can't believe how big he got. Even I have noticed lately how old he is getting and how smart he is! He doesn't forget anything (which is a blessing and a curse) and actually corrects us sometimes!
So, all is well here! I'll post a few homecoming pictures and the link to our video just in case someone hasn't seen it!