Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly posts...

Okay, here goes my attempt at keeping up with my blog. I mean, I have this thing... I might as well use it! It might be a little random because I still need to blog about all the things we did on our 2 month vacation. I'm starting to work on a series of posts that include lots of pictures. Hopefully it will be done in the coming weeks.
Until then, I'll post about the happenings that are going on now. We are officially in the tale end of this deployment! Only about a handful of weeks left and boy am I ready! The 5.5 months have flown by and we've been so blessed to have many visitors and to take a nice vacation. The weather here has been beautiful this past week, but of course we never made it to the beach. For one reason or another I talked myself out of going and I so desperately need a tan! We are definitely back into the swing of things here and settled into a nice routine. Though I don't expect it to last to long with Justin coming home soon, I am certainly enjoying the quiet slow-pace lifestyle right now. Elijah will be headed off to pre-school at the end of the month. How and when did he get old enough to go to pre-school?! I am so not okay with that! He is thrilled though. It's only 2 half days a week which is perfect for me because as much as I want the short break I am going to miss having him around all the time. Plus it just means we are that much closer to him going to school full time.
This past week my dear friend Kelly and her husband Brian welcomed a sweet little princess into this world! She is the sister of Elijah's best friends, Quinn and Grayson. I was able to bless them by watching their boys the few days Kelly was in the hospital and it allowed Brian (who is deploying very very soon) to spend much needed alone time with his girls. I love that family so much. Adelyn is a beautiful baby and my heart is so full of love for her!
We are slowly starting to prep for Justin's homecoming. Finishing projects around the house that I've put off all these months. Last weekend I learned how to sew with a sewing machine and sewed 5 curtains! They are so pretty and make me smile when I see them!
In the next weeks I want to finish little things in our dining room and also make my own soap so be on the look out for those posts! Until then I'll leave you with some cute pictures of Elijah, Adelyn, and another little project I did last weekend!

Friday, August 13, 2010


So sorry I've been absent from blogging. Really, I'll be the one kicking myself later more than anything. I have so much to catch up on and I probably should do a series of posts about it all. We have had a super crazy few months full of lots of fun adventures, family time, traveling, sight-seeing, and very little sleep! I will be better about posting, but for now Elijah and I are off to play outside a little while before bed! I sure do love that little guy of mine! He gets more fun the older he gets! I can officially say that 3 has been my favorite age!
Until we meet again---- tata!