Sunday, August 28, 2011

27-35 weeks.

I knew I was going to kick myself for not posting for a few months! The tale end of my pregnancy was spent in the hospital where I had very limited internet access.
The last picture is actually from the day I delivered the babies.
At 31 weeks I was hospitalized. I went in for my routine visit and was 2 cm dilated (where as the week before I wasnt at all). My doctor sent me over to labor and delivery to get my steriod shot as well as to be monitored for an hour or so to see if I was contracting. I actually ended up going into labor and was admitted for the duration of my pregnancy.
The 5 weeks before the babies came wasn't so bad. I had great nurses and doctors who took great care of me as well as plenty of visitors!
My mom had come to visit me a few weeks before I was admitted and we decided that it would be best that she take Elijah back to her house with her until I delivered since we weren't sure how my pregnancy would end. I'm so thankful we made that decision. Though it was the longest and toughest 6 weeks without Eli, we got to skype often and talk on the phone every night. Plus, he had a great summer with his Mimi, Papa, cousins, and aunts.
I gained a total of 41 lbs during my pregnancy which was about 10-20lbs less than what they wanted, but my body just wouldn't gain more. They even had dietary bringing me three snacks on top of the three large meals a day!
Justin came down at least once during the week and then spent all weekend with me. He was pretty bored during those weekend visits, but I really enjoyed his company.
I spent most of my days sleeping and being monitored. It was great to hear my babies heart beats twice a day, but after a while it became a chore because I had VERY active babies!
I'll end with the few pictures I do have of while I was in the hospital before delivery!