Thursday, April 28, 2011

21 weeks.

All I can think is "holy huge"! Can I really get much bigger? This last week has been a big growing week for the babies. I grew 3 inches around in just a matter of a week.
I'm doing really well though. I did make a trip to L&D on Tuesday because I had some severe pain in my right side, but it turns out it is just round ligament pain.... well not just because if you've ever had it you know its more painful than labor! Thankfully the last few days the pain has died down and it only hurts when I sneeze or cough.
The babies move I don't think all of them ever sleep at the same time. Lately Graham has been fighting with his sister. I cannot wait to meet him, all of them, but specifically him. He is the most active baby of the bunch. I am betting he will be the testiest also (since he will be the middle child too) Hudson is so very calm and quiet. I think he will be my snuggle bunny. And well Emmalyn, she's gonna be mommy's helper and daddy's little girl. Definitely the princess. We have for sure less than 16 weeks till they are here!! I have so much to do and prepare.... one step at a time!

Monday, April 18, 2011

20 weeks.

I felt great most of the week. The babies are moving a lot now. We had a dr appt on Thursday that went great! Each of them look great and all have functioning organs. The perinatologist said he was very impressed with their size and actually thinks I could go to 37 weeks if my body continues to handle everything the way it is. Emmalyn is the lowest and baby A. She will remain that till d-day. She is weighing in at 9oz. She was pretty shy the entire appt but we did get to see her sweet face a little and all her limbs, hands, and feet! She is the peanut of the group too! Graham is our baby B and the rowdy one of the bunch. He wanted to be in every picture the doctor tried to take of his siblings. He is my most active baby for sure. He weighs 11 oz. He is sitting on my right side. Hudson is our baby C. He is the much calmer than Graham but still makes his presence known occasionally (as I type actually!) He weighs 10 oz. He is on my left side.
They are all kicking hard enough now where I can feel them outside my stomach so Justin gets to feel them every so often. Elijah has even been in on the action. He was pretty concerned they were hurting me, but I reassured him that they don't kick hard enough to hurt---yet!
I also measured my belly this past week too. It's 46.5 inches around!! Before too long I'll be close to 5ft around! I didn't take many pictures of my pregnancy with Elijah but I know I am about the same size as I was when I delivered him at 33 weeks. I'm also just a few pounds away from that delivery weight.
All in all I'm feeling great. I'm taking it easy and not over-doing myself. Justin went grocery shopping all on his own the first time yesterday. It was a pretty big deal considering he only goes when I absolutely need him.... He did great!! I am very impressed. He has also taken over doing most of the chores including cleaning the house, dishes, laundry, and trash! Sometimes I pitch in if it's something I can do while sitting--- like folding laundry. I am definitely slowing down, but I am thankful I am not on bedrest yet.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

19 weeks.

This picture is a lot better than last week. Last week I was wearing a shirt thats to big for me right now so I just looked bigger.... well thats what I'm telling myself anyway!
My stomach has dropped a little, but from all I've read its very normal this stage in the game. The babies are moving a ton and I can tell where each one of them are most of the time.
I've gained more weight which is good, but it's scary to see that number so high! I think so far I've gained a total of 25ish pounds! I'm almost to my delivery weight with Elijah..... It's for the babies. It's for the babies. It's for the babies! All I have to say is TUMMY TUCK! haha
I feel good. Tired and heavy, but good. I see my doctor tomorrow for my 19.5 week appt. I am hoping I won't go on bedrest, but I just might because of some small issues (dizziness, pelvic pressure, light headed, etc...) We shall see!
No other news to report from here. Waiting for a house. Praying one comes available soon. I sure want to get this show on the road! The military is on a totally different time schedule than the rest of the world... Semper Gumby right?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

18 weeks.

Not much to tell this week. Growing. A lot more sore and tired. I hope the weeks keep going fast because I can already tell when the time gets closer I am going to be so done. I don't know how my skin will stretch much more, but it just does! What an amazing creater we have!