Saturday, November 20, 2010

IVF/ Adoption

This week was like any other week around here. Justin worked, Elijah had preschool and lots of play time with friends, I cleaned and cooked and snuggled both my boys till they turned blue! Then came Thursday. I made a last minute doctors appt because I needed to get ahold of my doctor to order me more medicine and she wouldn't respond to my emails. I had no idea that at that appointment our expectations would change forever.
You see, for the last 2 years every doctor has been hopeful that we would get pregnant within the next few months. At this point I have done 8 rounds of clomid. I went on a diet during the summer to help my body do what its suppose to do. I don't ovulate or even get a period on my own. Which isn't surprising because of my PCOS, but the odd thing is is that all my levels are normal. Nothing is elevated even a little. I also have had one successful pregnancy so why shouldn't I be able to have more?
My doctor proceeded to tell me that our only option would be to do IVF. No big deal right? NOT! I still have 6 more months worth of treatment before I can be put on the year long waiting list. So at the earliest we are looking at next February for our first round of IVF if all goes as planned... and well we all know that dealing with military doctors nothing goes as planned. So while the news was hard to digest, the hardest part is that we may not even be in the Marines next February.
Justin and I are praying about what our next step is because his 5 year contract is up in October. If he gets out we will start this process over (not all of it, but some anyway) and be put on a new waiting list with a new doctor and possibly paying for the entire thing ourselves.
The news is hard any way you look at it. We've been trying over 2 years and will be trying for at least 18 more months before what I need done can get done.
All the while we have been praying about adoption. It's always been a conversation in our home. Even when we were dating we talked about adopting later in life when our kids were older... never did I think it would be something that we would start to seriously pray about at the ages of 24 and 25. We have though and we are excited at the prospect of this being the way we will add to our family. We are still in the praying and seeking council stages, but we both feel this may be where God has been leading us all this time.

I'd also like to add that we do know that God can get us pregnant at anytime and we have faith that he will heal my body. He has given us this desire and has placed us here for a reason. We are so very thankful for the support that our family and friends have given us. Please continue to pray for and with us as we wait on the Lord to reveal to us where we should be going from here.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

He's home!!

That's right, my love made it home safely from Afghanistan on Wednesday! We have been enjoying lots of family time the last few days. Homecoming was amazing. I had two sweet friends with me to video tape it as well as photograph it. Our last homecoming sorta fell apart (times kept getting pushed back and it ended up being at 4am!) so needless to say I was so excited to have both Chynna and Kelly there to document the 4th best day of my life!
We are still getting use to being together again. It's certainly a transition, but so far so good! We've been to Lego Land and the beach plus had a really great meal at Outback! Since it's Saturday that means football is on. Anyone who knows me personally knows I absolutely LOVE to snuggle with Justin on football days! It's a good solid afternoon of just me and him on the couch enjoying each others company.
As for Elijah and Justin.... well they picked up right where they left off! Those two are like to peas in a pod! Justin had Elijah laughing so hard the other day and I thought "I'm pretty sure he hasn't laughed that hard since Justin left." Justin has said about 10 times now he can't believe how big he got. Even I have noticed lately how old he is getting and how smart he is! He doesn't forget anything (which is a blessing and a curse) and actually corrects us sometimes!
So, all is well here! I'll post a few homecoming pictures and the link to our video just in case someone hasn't seen it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Final stretch

This is it folks! We are mere days away from our beloved husband and father returning to us! Where has the last 6.5 months gone? It's been a flurry of fun events with both busy and lonely days. This week my calendar looks so busy I'll have to schedule in sleep!
I was able to talk to Justin yesterday. He sounds good. VERY ready to be home. They have officially turned over their jobs to the replacements so now he just waits to leave which is a huge sigh of relief for me because now he is no longer in harms way!
I think I forgot to post about his promotion this month. Better late than never, right? Anyway, he was meritoriously promoted to Sargent the beginning of this month. I've always known he was a fantastic Marine. Seriously, the guy works harder than anyone I know! I am so proud of him! We have just about a year left in the Marines.(or really in this contract) We aren't sure what we are gonna do after this. I think we'll start looking at all his options outside of the Marines and see if any compare. With the economy so tough right now we don't want to be foolish and just assume getting out will be fine. We do sacrifice things being in the Marines, but it has allowed us to be stable in a lot of areas people are struggling in right now. I'm so thankful for God's provision of this job. The time apart from each other and our families is so hard sometimes, but we've created a new family here that we love and it makes missing birthday's and holiday's a little more bearable.
Elijah is so excited for his daddy to be home. He (Eli) has a lot of plans for him when he gets here. Including many soccer games, football games both watching and playing, fishing, and other random things he comes up with. I on the other hand just want to relax! I do realize its not THAT tough being a stay at home mom, but getting a little break everyday is going to be so nice again! Heck, even to take a shower uninterrupted is exciting! Plus I so can't wait to snuggle my beloved and just be able to talk to him whenever (I) want!
So, in case you don't hear from me again for a while it's because we are busy prepping for his return! Hopefully my next post will be our homecoming one!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We are almost done.

Well, a few people have reminded me to update this thing so I might as well. I don't like posting when I have pictures to post so then I just don't post. Guess I should get over it, eh?
We are so close to the end of this deployment and I'm pretty busy getting things together and in order. I'm not sure why I put so much off before he comes home (as this is a regular habit of mine any time he leaves no matter the length of time) but it probably helps pass the time quicker.
I've been buying things for our house and figuring out what room I'm going to work on next. I'm pretty sure our bedroom will be the next project as I did buy new bedding last week and need to find a paint color to match it. Plus I need new curtains since ours don't match the new bedding. I'm pretty pleased with all the upgrades and love that our house is turning into a home. Just a few more projects and I can take a short break from it!
Well, that's all that is going on with us right now. Elijah is good. Started pre-school and loves it! He is just as excited as I am about Justin coming home. He still wants a brother and asks for one almost daily. Hopefully we can give him one soon!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly posts...

Okay, here goes my attempt at keeping up with my blog. I mean, I have this thing... I might as well use it! It might be a little random because I still need to blog about all the things we did on our 2 month vacation. I'm starting to work on a series of posts that include lots of pictures. Hopefully it will be done in the coming weeks.
Until then, I'll post about the happenings that are going on now. We are officially in the tale end of this deployment! Only about a handful of weeks left and boy am I ready! The 5.5 months have flown by and we've been so blessed to have many visitors and to take a nice vacation. The weather here has been beautiful this past week, but of course we never made it to the beach. For one reason or another I talked myself out of going and I so desperately need a tan! We are definitely back into the swing of things here and settled into a nice routine. Though I don't expect it to last to long with Justin coming home soon, I am certainly enjoying the quiet slow-pace lifestyle right now. Elijah will be headed off to pre-school at the end of the month. How and when did he get old enough to go to pre-school?! I am so not okay with that! He is thrilled though. It's only 2 half days a week which is perfect for me because as much as I want the short break I am going to miss having him around all the time. Plus it just means we are that much closer to him going to school full time.
This past week my dear friend Kelly and her husband Brian welcomed a sweet little princess into this world! She is the sister of Elijah's best friends, Quinn and Grayson. I was able to bless them by watching their boys the few days Kelly was in the hospital and it allowed Brian (who is deploying very very soon) to spend much needed alone time with his girls. I love that family so much. Adelyn is a beautiful baby and my heart is so full of love for her!
We are slowly starting to prep for Justin's homecoming. Finishing projects around the house that I've put off all these months. Last weekend I learned how to sew with a sewing machine and sewed 5 curtains! They are so pretty and make me smile when I see them!
In the next weeks I want to finish little things in our dining room and also make my own soap so be on the look out for those posts! Until then I'll leave you with some cute pictures of Elijah, Adelyn, and another little project I did last weekend!

Friday, August 13, 2010


So sorry I've been absent from blogging. Really, I'll be the one kicking myself later more than anything. I have so much to catch up on and I probably should do a series of posts about it all. We have had a super crazy few months full of lots of fun adventures, family time, traveling, sight-seeing, and very little sleep! I will be better about posting, but for now Elijah and I are off to play outside a little while before bed! I sure do love that little guy of mine! He gets more fun the older he gets! I can officially say that 3 has been my favorite age!
Until we meet again---- tata!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

-25 pounds!

Since March 15th I have lost 25 pounds! I'm so stoked! I have another 10 to loose before I'll be around my goal weight, but I really love the way I look thus far--aside from very loose skin around my belly. I've been running for over a month now. Yesterday I was able to run 2 miles without stopping. Pretty stinkin' awesome if you ask me! I use to be the worst runner ever and I still am not the most amazing at it, but I'm getting there and it's neat to see how my endurance has built up.
Elijah and I were on vacation for a month in Utah and Colorado. It was a fantastic vacation and now that we are home I wish I would have extended it! Only because I'm way more bored now than I was, but it has been great to be home in my own house without living in a suitcase!
I have a ton of pictures to upload which I won't do right now because it would take forever and I need to run.
I am going to upload two pictures I took of myself this week.
Sorry for the long period of nothingness. Vacations will do that to ya! Plus, I'm getting to talk to Justin more so writing things here isn't near as important.
We are roughly 10 weeks away from homecoming and I cannot wait!!
Till I post again--

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The past 3 years of Elijah's life have been anything but boring! Our sweet boy has experienced more things (traveling, vacations, road trips....) than most people do in a lifetime! Our first big trip with him was when he was 9 months old. We made our trek from Florida to England to visit with Justin's parents. Since then he has been back there one time as well as road tripped across the US with my mom and I, and also up from SOCal to Utah and Colorado!
While I think those life experiences are fantastic and I'm so thankful to have those memories, there isn't anything like being at home with him. Elijah has a joy for life. He daily surprises me, encourages me, and humbles me!
Ever since I was little I wanted to be a mom. I always bartered with God that if He would just wait till I had my first kiss to rapture the church then I'd be ready to go, then it was till I got married, then till I had a baby.... Now, having accomplished all those things I still make barters with God! I know it's super silly and obviously God is not on my timing, but I am so thankful to have my amazing husband and little boy and to be growing through this season of my life.
Justin and I have had our share of issues in our marriage, finances, parenting, and even relationship with the Lord. But this year God really opened our eyes and gave us the passion for Him again and the drive to serve Him in all that we do. We are far from perfect and I struggle daily giving over my "control", but having a whole new perspective on my walk with the Lord keeps me going each day.
Since Justin left 3 months ago I have seen such a radical change in Elijah. He has a better grasp on who Jesus is and what He did for us. He LOVES learning Bible verses and reading from his own Bible. Even last night after he came home from Emily's Rainbow class he told me as I laid him down for bed "I will follow Jesus, mommy." How does that just not melt your heart? Now being a wife and mom I appreciate so much more the time and effort my parents invested into my to be brought up with good morals and values and to really know who my God is.
I pray as we continue to learn and grow as parents that we can invest those same principles and love for the Lord into our own children. I am so excited for all that God has in store for our small family of 3! I am anxious to see it all pan out, but I am more than happy to be content with right where I'm at!

Friday, June 4, 2010

5 week progression pictures

If you are friends with me on facebook you have seen these pictures already, but for those who aren't here they are. I actually didn't take a great before picture, but there are plenty floating around out there that I'm ashamed of so I picked a few. This diet has been such a huge blessing to me. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here before, but having PCOS is tough sometimes. My body is/was constantly giving itself more insulin even if I didn't need it. It's very difficult to loose weight and many many people become obese because of it. Thankfully, I have youth on my side and because of that my entire body has responded positively to doing MediFast.
So without further-ado, my post until now pictures.... I'm so happy to see results so quickly! It makes me more and more motivated to keep going!

Monday, May 24, 2010


In the last few years Justin and I have been trying to add some nice touches to our house. When we first got married most everything we owned was a hand-me-down which was terrific because we didn't have any money and were more concerned with being a married couple than what our house looked like. Now that we have a few years under our belt I feel as though it's time to turn this house into a home. Unfortunately, I am probably the most indecisive person on the face of this planet and I may like something for a little while but will end up wanting to change it a few months later. I also have expensive taste. I do shop at our local thrift stores and look up blogs to see how to create old used things into something new and beautiful! I have become way more "crafty" in the last year than I have ever. My beloved bought me my Cricut for my birthday and have put it to good use!
So, the last few months I've been over-whelmed with the thought of how much everything to fill my home will cost. Going into debt to buy things for our house isn't an option, and dipping into savings isn't something I find necessary, especially since there is a good chance we may be getting out of the Marines next year and we need to have some money put away for all the "what if's". Since Justin has been gone I've tried to buy something each pay check. Just a little something to add to the house, but it hasn't made that much of a difference... So, today I was talking to a friend about how she has decorated her house so beautifully and how she can make firm decisions that reflect both her and her husbands style. She pointed me in some great directions for inspiration. I have come to the conclusion to just do it one room at a time starting with the cheapest and working my way up. Once that room is "done" I will move onto another room, that way I don't feel so rushed into doing the whole house now and I can concentrate on that particular room. Plus, it will allow me to save some more money because I won't be splurging on furniture for rooms I'm not ready to complete (i.e Elijah's room is in need of big boy furniture).
So I know that's not all that exciting to most people, but for me its a great start on a huge task! I will hopefully be documenting the before's and afters! I am starting on our front patio soon. It's in dire need of some love! So, here goes nothing!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today is my official weigh in day. I am 3 weeks into this diet (hopefully I only have 9 weeks to go on this strict eating part). Monday is when I check in with my health coach so that number will be what goes on the record. But, I am 10.2 pounds lighter! I'm super stoked and even more excited to keep doing this.
I ordered my second month of food. I can't wait to try new stuff!

Well that's my update for right now. I need to run. We are busy busy people these days! And thats just how I like it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My 24th birthday--- a month late.

Man, I am just awful about updating this thing. I blame it partly on the fact that till Monday night our computer had to stay particularly positioned on the living room floor because the cord was broken and wouldn't charge if it was moved. Having it down there made me want to spend less time on the computer (which isn't a terrible thing).
We are staying ultra-busy these days! And it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. That is a-okay with me! This Saturday marks 2 months down on the deployment but Monday marked 8 weeks. I don't get to hear from Justin as often as I'd like, but I know he calls as often as he can.
Now onto the purpose of this post. My birthday. A day that this year I chose not to make a big deal over. A day where I usually have a list together 2 months early. A day where I missed Justin more than ever. (oh wait, that's everyday!)
No, this birthday was no big deal. 24. I'm in my mid-twenties. Where did the time go? Just a fast 4 years ago I was just hitting 20 and learning how to be a wife. A lot has happened since then!
Growing up birthday's were a big deal. I was blessed to grow up in a town where almost all my family lived (extended and what not). We would all get together and have a fantastic time! Birthday parties are for sure a growing-up highlight for me! Many many laughs and "Megan, Megan, move, get out of the way... it's not your birthday. Megan!" I can still hear my dad now! Since we now live in California, 1,000 miles away from any family, I've learned to just appreciate being able to spend my birthday with the ones we love out here. I didn't make any plans this year. Not a single one! Oh wait, that's not true. I did have plans to watch Kelly's boys for her so she could go to the doctor! I love having them here! 3 boys all roughly the same age is for sure busy!! So aside from that I didn't plan anything. I was hoping to hear from Justin, but knew that he probably wouldn't call because it seems as though on the days you want them to call they can't. My sweet Kelly took me out to lunch. I absolutely love having a really good friend out here. Her and I have gotten very close and spend many days a week together as well as watch each other kids. I think it's so neat that God is in the most minute details. I have been praying to have a good friend since we enlisted. Now I do!
Sorry about all the babble... I told you, so many details because I don't post enough! So after she took me to lunch we came home and I put Elijah down for a nap and went to clean all our cars. (We have 3 right now because we are keeping a friends while he is deployed with Justin) My mom had bought this car scrubber thing that you attach to the hose and put soap in. It works GREAT! Anyway, after that I got ready because some new friends had asked if they could take me out to dinner. Now, by new I mean I've only ever met them 1 time. I did think it was a tad odd that they were asking to take me to dinner, but was blessed by it none-the-less. I chose to eat at Outback which is one of my most favorite restaurants ever. Probably because it makes me think of both Nicole and Justin. Nicole because when she was pregnant with Jaxon we'd order the Outback special with a baked potato and a house salad with ranch to share on a regular basis. Justin because we spent many date nights there and still to this day enjoy going there even as a family! This time it was just as fun and full of laughs and tears! You see, these girls totally rock! They bought me cute little gifts and made me wear this ridiculous happy birthday hat! I felt loved! The insisted before we eat that I open my gifts. After opening all of their gifts there was still one bag left. I was a tad confused, but thought maybe it was from all of them. Boy was I wrong! My beloved, 10,000 miles away arranged to get me a gift I had been wanting for a while. He sneakily planned for them to give me it. On the outside of this little bag it read "To my wonderful wife. Love Justin". I had no idea how that was possible since he is deployed and he is not one to plan ahead! I opened the bag and read the peice of paper that said " You're getting a..... CRICUT!" I was blown away! Tears started flowing and I kept asking "How is this possible? How did he do this?". Justin isn't the hopeless romantic type. Neither am I, though I wish I was! I love to surprise him though. I always make big deal out of his birthday and even have planned a surprise party or two for him. He's never been good at surprising me. I think I'm to blame for that because I'm nosey and I always know when he's up to something! He doesn't lie very good! After a few minutes the girls reluctantly told me how he was able to pull of such a huge surprise for me. Then the questions started flooding in about what a Cricut is! They still make fun of me for it, but little do they know just how cool it really is! I think every home in America should have one! Okay, maybe not every single one.
My birthday just happened to fall on a Wednesday. We go to church every Wednesday night. I was suppose to be in the nursery that night, but I got to church a little late. My friend Lindsay brought me home-made donuts and flowers. Does she know me or what? Another lady that I really look up to me got me a fitness journal! Then a sweet older lady whom I've gotten to know in recent weeks gave me a prayer journal! I was so overly blessed this year it's unbelieveable! My mom as well as mother in law sent beautiful flowers as well! I am a flower finatic! I would take flowers over most things. My best friend Amber sent me an Edible arrangement too! It was so so good! And I can't forget my dearest sister in law gave me her Ipod! I love it!
Well, that was my birthday in a nut shell! It was a really good day. I'm so glad that I didn't plan anything. I can't wait to spend my 25th birthday with Justin home!!
Here are some pictures of my big day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Yep, that's right. Two weeks into this diet and I'm 7 pounds down. Now, if you are friends with me on facebook you probably saw my status about loosing 5 pounds in 5 days. While that is true, I went on a women's retreat last weekend (hence the reason I didn't post) and ate a little different than normal so it off-set that loosing streak.
I'm pretty stoked about the weight loss though. It's coming off quickly and healthily. I feel fantastic. I'm not gonna lie though, the first 4ish days were awful. My body was screaming CARBS, SUGAR!!! But now, I don't even desire it. I like my food, most days, and what keeps me going is knowing that in just a few short months i'll be skinny again AND healthy!
Well, that's all for now. I do have a ton to catch everyone up on... like my Women's Retreat, my Birthday (I'm about a month late on that post whoops!) having a roomates for a little while... that sorta stuff! Plus all those mundane details that I need to write in here so that when Justin gets home he can read about all the things he missed :(
Oh, and as of Monday we will be 8 weeks down! YAHOOO!!!! Only 5 more months to go!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


That's right, I started my die-t this weekend. I'm 2 days in and feel pretty good. It's called the MediFast diet. It was created by doctors for people specifically with diabetes. Now while I don't have diabetes my PCOS has created elevated insulin levels in my system so this diet works really well for people like me too!
After tomorrow I am hoping that the cravings for different foods will go away. It's a little annoying when people start to talk about food in front of me, but at the end of the day I'm satisfied and I know the end result will be worth the work now.
My goal is to loose 30ish pounds. My starting weight was 160.0. I am hoping to report weekly on here to show my progress as well as keep track of where I was and all that jazz. I will probably post either every Saturday night or Sunday because my weeks start over on Saturday so that will be my weighing in day.
A friend at church is doing this diet as well and I know for sure in the first month she lost more than 10 pounds! She looks great! Her goals are similar to mine so it is great to have someone I know going through this with me.
I also have my own independent health coach who is not only a friend but also a believer. She has been such a huge blessing to me since I began this journey. My family (especially my sister, sister in law and mom) are amazing as well. It's so wonderful to have such a great support system!
Well, thats all for now. Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In a slum.

This week has been a much different week. We've had no plans, nothing to do, and no where to go. I think it's perfectly fine to have weeks like these. We've been on the go since Justin left so a little down time is good. Unfortunately, it also means that I have a lot of time to think and if you know anything about me to much thinking for me is no good!
Sunday was a pleasant day. I so look forward to Sunday's. I love being enveloped in the body of Christ. Our church here is the first church I feel so warmly received at since Justin and I have been married. I've made lasting friendships with some of the most marvelous women I know! Carleigh was able to come to church one last time before her and her family headed back to Colorado. Worshiping my sweet Jesus with my darling sister in law is one of my life's favorites! Her and I had some Pedro's Taco's then went to a local thrift store to walk around. We have completely different taste! It's quite comical!
Sadly we had to say our good-byes and go our separate ways. I will see her and the family again soon!
Monday till now we have done very little. I've almost completely caught up on my Bible reading and watched a lot of movies! I'm enjoying every Anne of Green Gables dvd I can get my hands on! Thank heavens for Netflix! I haven't talked to Justin at all this week which was unexpected, but I heard today that he may be out on a mission that came up rather quickly. Sure wish I would have known, but what can you do? This deployment is sure making me lean on the Lord so much more. I'm sure it's a terrible thing to think, but because we decided for me to stay here I am "fearful" that those 'people' are going to come knock on my door. It's not something I think about all the time, but it does cross my mind from time to time.
I am so thankful for my amazing support system who keeps me in check on a daily basis! They won't let me go to the depths of dispare like I did when Justin left for boot camp... But I blame that entirely on my hormones! LOL
Well, tomorrow I have decided to get my rear end up and out of the house. It does help that I have too because of Bible study! haha From now on I will not let myself be down. I will get out of the house everyday! Even if it's just for a walk!
Oh! and I have failed to mention that a friend of mine and her two daughters will be moving in with us for a little while next month! Actually in 10 days!! I met her in 29 palms and her husband is going to SOI school right to be an instructor! They will then get stationed out here! I'm thrilled because now I'll have someone to keep me occupied for a few months and also be able to get to know her better! She is a believer which is just the cherry on top! I love that the Lord always knows what we need!
Next weekend I will be gone at the Women's Retreat! It will be my first one ever. Be praying that God will bless the time away and refresh all the women going. I am looking forward to it more than I can express. It will be my first time away from Elijah without Justin. A BIG deal for me! My dear friend Kelly will be watching Elijah for me. It will be good practice for her since she is pregnant with her 3rd! haha No but seriously, I owe her huge!!!
I'm off to bed! Can you believe 2 posts in 2 days! I'm good!! Night all!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lots to catch up on!

Well I've neglected my blog for far to long now. Because of my negligence I have more to write about than one should be allowed.
I will start in order....
April 3rd my beautiful sister in law and her dashing young children came to visit Elijah and I! It was a blast from the start, aside from all of ending up getting a wee-bit of a cold. We were so busy and thoroughly enjoying each others company. Our kids got along so great. Lots of sharing and almost no fighting! We stayed up way to late and woke up to to early, but it was so worth it!
We went to my church for Easter Sunday! Our kids looked so cute in their Easter best! We came home afterwards and put the kids down for their naps then sent up their combined Easter basket so it would be ready when they woke up. I think they were pleasantly surprised at what the Easter bunny left them! I tried to get each of them something practical instead of loads of candy, but there were still a few sneaks of candy in there.
We had Easter dinner at my good friend Kelly's house. Our other friend Shanna and her kids came as well! 4 moms 8 kids! It was busy, but fun!

The following week was jam-packed full of fun stuff! We took the kids outside to play and to the beach, had our friend Lindsay over on Tuesday and Carleigh made an excellent Chinese dinner! Got delicious donuts and had them for lunch with our iced coffees! Thursday we went to a park here on base. We met Kelly and Shanna there with their kids. It's so amazing to watch your kid/s interact with other children and learn to communicate on their own. Friday was bittersweet. Carleigh headed back to the desert because Jared (her husband) came out for a mini-vacation and to attend a Coffee Conference in Anaheim. It was a fantastic week and it certainly went by to quickly. Though I bribed Carleigh with all the Pedro's Taco's, Pedicures, baby-sitting, and other various things she unfortunately for me decided to go back to Colorado with her family. Thankfully I'll see them again in a few months. Oh! I can't forget to mention that Jared, Carleigh, their kids, AND Lindsay took me out for a delicious mexican lunch for my birthday and surprised the poop out of me with a birthday song including a mariachi band! I will do a different post about my birthday because it deserves it. For now, I will finish with pictures! Sorry I've neglected posting... It's aweful to get behind cause catching up takes FOREVER!