Monday, May 24, 2010


In the last few years Justin and I have been trying to add some nice touches to our house. When we first got married most everything we owned was a hand-me-down which was terrific because we didn't have any money and were more concerned with being a married couple than what our house looked like. Now that we have a few years under our belt I feel as though it's time to turn this house into a home. Unfortunately, I am probably the most indecisive person on the face of this planet and I may like something for a little while but will end up wanting to change it a few months later. I also have expensive taste. I do shop at our local thrift stores and look up blogs to see how to create old used things into something new and beautiful! I have become way more "crafty" in the last year than I have ever. My beloved bought me my Cricut for my birthday and have put it to good use!
So, the last few months I've been over-whelmed with the thought of how much everything to fill my home will cost. Going into debt to buy things for our house isn't an option, and dipping into savings isn't something I find necessary, especially since there is a good chance we may be getting out of the Marines next year and we need to have some money put away for all the "what if's". Since Justin has been gone I've tried to buy something each pay check. Just a little something to add to the house, but it hasn't made that much of a difference... So, today I was talking to a friend about how she has decorated her house so beautifully and how she can make firm decisions that reflect both her and her husbands style. She pointed me in some great directions for inspiration. I have come to the conclusion to just do it one room at a time starting with the cheapest and working my way up. Once that room is "done" I will move onto another room, that way I don't feel so rushed into doing the whole house now and I can concentrate on that particular room. Plus, it will allow me to save some more money because I won't be splurging on furniture for rooms I'm not ready to complete (i.e Elijah's room is in need of big boy furniture).
So I know that's not all that exciting to most people, but for me its a great start on a huge task! I will hopefully be documenting the before's and afters! I am starting on our front patio soon. It's in dire need of some love! So, here goes nothing!


  1. I feel ya! We're tackling so many projects of our own here!

    Dropping in to let you know that you've landed on my milspouse blogroll. Stop on over sometime and check it out. Get to know some other spouses who blog! Thanks!

  2. Absolutely agree, one room at a time is the only way to go! I'm really anxious to redecorate the master bathroom and bedroom while hubby is deployed (b/c he won't LET me do it when he is home!) but I have to finish the nursery first. *sigh* I will get there, and so will you!
    I recently found you through another milspouse blog, and I've left you an award over on my pregnancy blog, (you can also check out my deployment blog, if you are interested, at