Saturday, September 18, 2010

We are almost done.

Well, a few people have reminded me to update this thing so I might as well. I don't like posting when I have pictures to post so then I just don't post. Guess I should get over it, eh?
We are so close to the end of this deployment and I'm pretty busy getting things together and in order. I'm not sure why I put so much off before he comes home (as this is a regular habit of mine any time he leaves no matter the length of time) but it probably helps pass the time quicker.
I've been buying things for our house and figuring out what room I'm going to work on next. I'm pretty sure our bedroom will be the next project as I did buy new bedding last week and need to find a paint color to match it. Plus I need new curtains since ours don't match the new bedding. I'm pretty pleased with all the upgrades and love that our house is turning into a home. Just a few more projects and I can take a short break from it!
Well, that's all that is going on with us right now. Elijah is good. Started pre-school and loves it! He is just as excited as I am about Justin coming home. He still wants a brother and asks for one almost daily. Hopefully we can give him one soon!

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