Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wow, it's been a long time!

Whew!! What a whirl-wind the last month has been.
Lets do a small recap

-Justin got orders to move duty stations the end of October.
-We went to Utah to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family the end of November.
-By December 10th most of our house was packed
-December 14th Justin celebrated his 25th Birthday!!
-December 15th we moved out of our house in Twentynine Palms, California.
-December 16th Justin checked into his new unit in Camp Pendleton, California and we stayed at our dear friends house while they were away on vacation.
-December 20th we left for Utah to surprise my family for Christmas.
-December 26th we traveled to Longmont, Colorado to spend a week with my very best friend and sister in law(Justin's brother, his wife, and kids)
-Jan 3rd we got back to California from vacation and start our stay in a hotel for 9 LONG days!
-Jan 12th we got the keys to our new place and begin moving in.
-Jan 18th we are ALL moved in and unpacked!
-Jan 19th got the internet finally installed!!

After all that I am so amazed at how much God was with us through all the joys and challenges.
I have continued to read my Bible everyday... well most every day! It was a little hard to read when we moved from the hotel to our new place, but i'm all caught up! I'm learning so much and really enjoying it! I also started attending our Women's Bible Study on Friday mornings at our church. We are reading/studying the book of Romans. Whew! What a book to study! Paul was such a passionate man. I pray that I have his conviction, dedication, and understanding of God and His Word.
Well, I hate to run, but life is busy still!! I am hoping to post pictures of our new place soon!
Till then,


Edit: I'm adding picture of our adventures the last month.


  1. I'm so glad I can stalk you & your family on here now! Lol :) I look forward to reading all about your life!! Miss you!

  2. Hey Girl...
    I just ran across your comment on "Living and Loving Life's" blog. She told me that she was posting about so I thought I would check out her entry.
    If you want to do something simple by yourself, you can check out the following sites. They have great templates.


    Hope that helps!

  3. hey... thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to comment. i feel very blessed that i can be an encouragement to others while recording memories of my life for myself and my family. your comment was very sweet and made my day :).
    about the blog stuff... over the past year i have gotten layouts from many different places. the ones Erin listed above are good. the one i currently have is from shabbyblogs.com. you can click on the little icon on the top left of my page and it will take you to the site.
    you first need to set your blogger template to minima. then all you have to do is go to your dashboard. click layout. on the page elements tab, click "add a gadget". choose "html/javascript". then copy and paste the code (from whichever website and layout design you choose) into the box. click save and you should be done!

    i find it easier to do the layouts with the add a gadget thing because it's so easy to change.

    hopefully all this makes sense and you can get it figured out. if you need more help, let me know!