Friday, April 16, 2010

Lots to catch up on!

Well I've neglected my blog for far to long now. Because of my negligence I have more to write about than one should be allowed.
I will start in order....
April 3rd my beautiful sister in law and her dashing young children came to visit Elijah and I! It was a blast from the start, aside from all of ending up getting a wee-bit of a cold. We were so busy and thoroughly enjoying each others company. Our kids got along so great. Lots of sharing and almost no fighting! We stayed up way to late and woke up to to early, but it was so worth it!
We went to my church for Easter Sunday! Our kids looked so cute in their Easter best! We came home afterwards and put the kids down for their naps then sent up their combined Easter basket so it would be ready when they woke up. I think they were pleasantly surprised at what the Easter bunny left them! I tried to get each of them something practical instead of loads of candy, but there were still a few sneaks of candy in there.
We had Easter dinner at my good friend Kelly's house. Our other friend Shanna and her kids came as well! 4 moms 8 kids! It was busy, but fun!

The following week was jam-packed full of fun stuff! We took the kids outside to play and to the beach, had our friend Lindsay over on Tuesday and Carleigh made an excellent Chinese dinner! Got delicious donuts and had them for lunch with our iced coffees! Thursday we went to a park here on base. We met Kelly and Shanna there with their kids. It's so amazing to watch your kid/s interact with other children and learn to communicate on their own. Friday was bittersweet. Carleigh headed back to the desert because Jared (her husband) came out for a mini-vacation and to attend a Coffee Conference in Anaheim. It was a fantastic week and it certainly went by to quickly. Though I bribed Carleigh with all the Pedro's Taco's, Pedicures, baby-sitting, and other various things she unfortunately for me decided to go back to Colorado with her family. Thankfully I'll see them again in a few months. Oh! I can't forget to mention that Jared, Carleigh, their kids, AND Lindsay took me out for a delicious mexican lunch for my birthday and surprised the poop out of me with a birthday song including a mariachi band! I will do a different post about my birthday because it deserves it. For now, I will finish with pictures! Sorry I've neglected posting... It's aweful to get behind cause catching up takes FOREVER!

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  1. oh my goodness i love all the new pictures thanks for finally updating :) can we PLEASE go the playground at the beach and eat donuts as well?? Lol that sounds awesome to me! see you two soon!