Thursday, April 28, 2011

21 weeks.

All I can think is "holy huge"! Can I really get much bigger? This last week has been a big growing week for the babies. I grew 3 inches around in just a matter of a week.
I'm doing really well though. I did make a trip to L&D on Tuesday because I had some severe pain in my right side, but it turns out it is just round ligament pain.... well not just because if you've ever had it you know its more painful than labor! Thankfully the last few days the pain has died down and it only hurts when I sneeze or cough.
The babies move I don't think all of them ever sleep at the same time. Lately Graham has been fighting with his sister. I cannot wait to meet him, all of them, but specifically him. He is the most active baby of the bunch. I am betting he will be the testiest also (since he will be the middle child too) Hudson is so very calm and quiet. I think he will be my snuggle bunny. And well Emmalyn, she's gonna be mommy's helper and daddy's little girl. Definitely the princess. We have for sure less than 16 weeks till they are here!! I have so much to do and prepare.... one step at a time!

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