Wednesday, April 13, 2011

19 weeks.

This picture is a lot better than last week. Last week I was wearing a shirt thats to big for me right now so I just looked bigger.... well thats what I'm telling myself anyway!
My stomach has dropped a little, but from all I've read its very normal this stage in the game. The babies are moving a ton and I can tell where each one of them are most of the time.
I've gained more weight which is good, but it's scary to see that number so high! I think so far I've gained a total of 25ish pounds! I'm almost to my delivery weight with Elijah..... It's for the babies. It's for the babies. It's for the babies! All I have to say is TUMMY TUCK! haha
I feel good. Tired and heavy, but good. I see my doctor tomorrow for my 19.5 week appt. I am hoping I won't go on bedrest, but I just might because of some small issues (dizziness, pelvic pressure, light headed, etc...) We shall see!
No other news to report from here. Waiting for a house. Praying one comes available soon. I sure want to get this show on the road! The military is on a totally different time schedule than the rest of the world... Semper Gumby right?

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