Sunday, May 15, 2011

23 weeks.

I almost forgot to post this weeks picture! Our lives have been chaos this last week. Yesterday we moved from one house to another. It was the fastest move we've ever done. We had a fantastic group of friends come and help. Justin had all the guys over at the other house while I was at the new house directing where things go and had all my girl friends unpack important boxes. I think we were done in just under 3 hours. Like completely done... Our bedroom was all put together, bedding and all. Elijah's room is done. The babies things are in their room waiting to be dealt with... both bathrooms are put together. Our living room is set up and so is the kitchen and dining room. All that is left is a few odds and ends like hanging frames and art and putting away the rest of our laundry.
Today Justin is cleaning the other house so that we can hand over the keys tomorrow and be completely done with that house. I also have a baby shower this afternoon. I'm pretty stoked about it too! For the first 3ish years of being in the Marine Corps I prayed daily that God would give Justin and I good friends. Friends we can rely on for anything, who will have similar morals and values, and who love Jesus. We have those friends! I honestly don't know how I would have survived the last 1.5 years here without them. They were my support when Justin was deployed and have been my help/brain/encouragement since getting pregnant. I feel so blessed.
This past week I also went and saw my OB. All the babies look great. Still 2 boys and girl. PHEW! My body is really handling this pregnancy beautifully. My doctor said that she is sure that I am one of (if not the) best triplet pregnancy she has ever had. God is so good huh? Other than feeling large and starting to have to slow down more I feel great. My back rarely hurts, I still have ankles, I can still wear my rings, and so far am carrying mostly in my stomach! I'm trying my best to enjoy these last months before Emmalyn, Graham, and Hudson make their debut. It won't be long before I won't know what peace and quiet is! I'm savoring all these precious moments I get to snuggle Elijah. Him and I spend a lot of time reading books, playing cars, snuggling, and talking about whatever interests him. He's such a fantastic boy. I cannot wait to see him be a big brother! He will be the best!

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