Friday, May 20, 2011

24 weeks.

We've made it to a viable stage!! From here on out our babies will make it if they are born early. This week I haven't felt great. My body gets pretty sore, especially at night. Heart burn is in full force too. I can't even think about eating anything with spice in it without feeling like I'm going to get it. Other than that I'm feeling good. I have energy first thing in the morning so I try to accomplish a little during the day. Unfortunately I still have to rely on Justin for most everything. He's been a great sport about doing all the cooking and cleaning, but I can definitely tell he is so ready for me to take over again!
We go next week for our second growth scan. I'm anxious to see how much each baby weighs and how long they are. At 19.5 weeks they were all measuring bigger than singletons! We all know they aren't shy.
Elijah is in his last month of preschool. Where did the year go? He has had a great time making new friends and learning new things. He unfortunately won't be returning next year. Between the trio, how far away it is, and that it's a learning through play instead of an actual pre-k curriculum Justin and I both feel like he will be fine staying home. We've actually been going through a workbook with him. He is getting better and better at writing. I'm so proud of him!
Thats about all that has been going on here this week. I will hopefully have pictures up of our new place soon. I want to hang things back up on the walls and get the curtains hung too! Have a great weekend ya'll!

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