Tuesday, May 31, 2011

26 weeks.

Can you believe I have 8 more weeks till I hit my goal week of 34 weeks? I'm feeling good.... most of the time. Back pain started really kicking in this last week so I've been taking lots of warm baths and resting a lot more. We had a dr appt on Thursday. It was our second growth scan too. The babies are looking great and pretty big for their age! Emmalyn is weighing 1lb 11 oz, Graham is weighing 1lb 9 oz, and Hudson is weighing 1lb 12 oz. I can't believe I have over 5lbs of just baby in there! All my doctors are really impressed with how well everything is going and are sure I will be able to carry them to 34 weeks without much problem. They are keeping a close eye on me though just in case I do start to develop pre-eclampsia or any other common thing that goes along side carrying multiples.
We finally ordered the kiddo's car seats this past weekend. Actually, we bought the boys theirs and Justin's parents bought Emmalyn's. They should all be here in the next week! Our next big thing to knock off the to-do list is buying a bigger vehicle. We've been on the hunt for about a month now, but everything is either out of our price range or has to many miles on it. It's pretty hard not to be picky about what you are buying when you are spending so much money on it. Hopefully in the next couple weeks something will work out and we will fine one. Until then I'm slowly going through all the baby items we do have and kinda organizing them. I can only do things in spurts because sitting to long hurts my back. Thankfully my mom will be here soon and she can help with all of that!
I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the extra day off. I'm so thankful to live in a country that is free and takes such great pride in our military.


  1. Megan for having 3 at one time you look great!!! You really do! Hang in there girlie! Your almost there! I can't wait to see your little ones!!

  2. just wanted to check in on ya! hope everything is going well.... waiting patiently (kind of) for an update!