Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our house!

As promised, though MANY MANY days after here are the pictures of our new place. We are obviously not done decorating, but we are slowly making progress!
My check list for this weekend is getting new window treatments, finish our landscaping, and clean out our large laundry room closet which I am turning into my "craft" room!
I'm excited to share these pictures with you all so you can see how much we change and add!

The outside of our place.

Welcome to 492 Trent St.

We have a pretty large yard as you can see here.

Our Entry way.

Our very spacious living room. The rocking chair is going into our room once our black leather arm chair gets here.

Looking down the hall from our entry way to the bedrooms. The door on the left is the bathroom. Our room is on the left and Eli's is on the right. We got Eli his own small book case! He loves it!Looking down the hall from our bedroom.

Elijah's room. All his toys fit in there!! YAHOO!

Again, from the opposite side of his room.

And the rest of his room. As you can see it's pretty spacious.

Our bedroom.

We have a door to the outside. It also has a screen door to it so I can keep it open during the cool days.

View from that door.

The hall and our own entrance to the bathroom!

Our large walk in closet! I need more clothes to fill it!

Our bathroom. We are eventually going to buy new stuff for in there, but till then we are using the stuff that was in Elijah's bathroom in our Twentynine Palms house.
We have a lot more counter space than at our last place! Plus TONS more storage!! We even have a separate linen closet.

Looking down the hall again from the other direction.

The other side of our living room looking at the front door.

Our last name sign from Justin's family for Christmas! It's one of my favorite pieces of art!

Looking into the kitchen from the picture above.

The kitchen! It's so spacious and new!

View from the corner of the dining room. I am waiting to accessorize it till we get our table on Saturday. I already have the stuff picked out at Urban Outfitters.

Another view. We have a decent size pantry right there too.

The laundry room. I have a sink and a window!!

A peek into a trashed storage room. I didn't take any pictures because Justin's gear is all over it.

And last, but certainly not least, our 2 car garage!!

So, that's it folks!


  1. WOW!! I sat here and cringed! I am SO JEALOUS!!!! haha! But yall more than deserve this beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!! :) :)

  2. Wow Megan!! I love your house! I'm so jealous! I'm stuck in 29 Palms in a 4 plex!!! HAHAHAHA!!! It looks great!!!

  3. Love that name sign! Congratulations on your beautiful new home. And I will die of happiness the day that Sophia's toys all fit in her room!