Tuesday, February 2, 2010

From old to new

So if you are friends with me on Facebook you know that Justin and I spent the entire weekend together for the first time since we got here to Camp Pendleton. It has been a crazy few months for us. I know I've said that in my last posts, but it seriously has! We love love love where we are living! We have friends, a GREAT church, and so much to do. One of those fun things we have discovered we like to do together is fixing up used stuff. So without further ado, here is what we did this weekend.
I bought these two cute "love birds" at the Dollar Store. I really like the design on the wings and since birds are my new accessory love I had to have them! But, I HATED the color! Boring beige.
So I painted them. Our new bedding has some yellow in it so they are going to fit in perfectly with our bedroom!

Didn't they turn out fantastic? I just love them!! I can't wait till our dresser has other fun stuff on it so it can look more complete!

Next I bought these candle sticks. They were originally black and steel colored. I had asked a friend what I could do to sprucen up our dresser. This was her idea. So thank you Kelly, for your insight because I love them! I still need to find candles to put in them. I'm thinking in honor of Valentine's Day coming up I'll buy a red and pink. I saw some at the Dollar Store so in total they will have cost me roughly $10.

Justin had started spray painting them before I got the chance to take pictures of them. I really fell in love with their design. They looked like they could be expensive with the right color!
So I chose to color them silver!! At a department store each candle stick would cost $20 at least! I am so so happy with the way they look!

And last but not least is the lamp I got for a whopping $7! Another GoodWill find! It was in pretty bad shape. From looking at the plug it is probably 50 or so years old. It's so unique! My mom has a lamp "similar" in the fact that hers lights up on top and bottom too! I have always loved that lamp. It was passed down to her from her mother. Unfortunatly it won't be coming into my home when my grandma passes, but into my cousin Nicholas'. I was pretty bummed when I heard I couldn't get it (not that I'm one to fight over family heirlooms) but I have kept my eyes opened for one since then! I am so so so happy with the one I have! I actually love it more than the one my mom has, except it has no family meaning... Guess i'll just have to pass it down to my kids!
Anyway, its made out of some kind of metal. The metal was in pretty bad shape so I had to use a wire brush and clean it up. And again, Justin had it apart before I could take pictures. So the pictures I have are of it already cleaned and ready to be painted! My super smart handy husband used the silver spray paint we had used on the candle sticks and sprayed the lamp shade holder and switch holder. Again, we went with a bright fun color. We are hoping to find or make the perfect side table for it to sit on. I also need to find the right kind of shade... Idea's anyone?

So, that is my post for the night. I have a couple more things I want to write about, but its getting late and I am still recovering from a Kidney Infection. Tomorrow I am planning on posting pictures of our house thus far! I've promised a certain someone (Dede!) for a few weeks now that I would post some and I finally took some yesterday so be expecting those!
Until then, goodnight!


  1. You are so creative my dear sister. I love how your projects turned out. We will have to do some Goodwill shopping and fixing up for my house next time we are together.

  2. How fun! I love the creativity. You have a kidney infection?? So does my little Abrielle!! I hope you get better soon!