Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy days!

If it weren't for my new sweet camera and my advantageous attitude to take as many pictures as possible while Justin is gone, I'd have no idea what we did this weekend! It flew by for sure!
Thankfully I did take pictures and it jogged my memory looking at them all that we had done!

Friday morning as usual I go to my Women's Bible Study at church. It's a highlight of my week for sure! We had a pot luck this week and a few women shared their testimonies. It was a great time of worship and fellowship.
Friday night I offered to watch Q and G while their mommy and daddy went on a date. B is out of town now doing some training in Maryland for a few months. I was happy to do it because I sure do love those boys and it kept me busy on a Friday night. We had dinner outside, played a little too, then watched Lion King 1 1/2, and ate popcorn!
Saturday was a pretty slow day. We woke up and putzed around till about 10. I put on a movie for Elijah so I could take a shower and went to go do so. I ALWAYS turn the water on for a minute or two before even undressing. Thankfully my routine didn't change that morning because after that minute or so I felt the water again and it was ice cold! I thought maybe I hadn't turned the knob far enough so I turned it farther and waited. Again, still cold. In between trips to feel the water I had just happened to look out the front door and noticed that water was coming out of a PVC pipe coming from the garage. I didn't think anything of it. Finally I thought maybe something was wrong with the water heater. I was right! The garage and part of the laundry room were flooded!! I tried to reach up and turn off the water, but I wasn't tall enough... Why would someone put the shut off valve almost to the ceiling? I called maintanence and they were there within 10 minutes! I was glad that nothing got destroyed, just wet! Later in the day we headed over to Kelly's and had dinner. The boys played outside for a while. We came home around 7:30. Elijah had a bath and as I was getting him dressed for bed he looked up to me and said "Mommy, are we gonna watch Cops tonight?" I'm pretty sure my mouth hit the floor. How could he know it's Saturday? How did he remember that Cops was on? I said "of course honey!" I know Justin would be proud (and from the tone in his voice when I told him, I'm sure he is). Watching Cops on Saturday night is what those two do together. After bath time before bed! EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY! He watched intently, and then we left for Kelly's again. This time he was gonna go to sleep there for a little while so that us girls could watch a girl movie! It was fun fun! Justin was able to call and hearing his voice always cheers me up!
Sunday was a normal Sunday. Church, Pedro's Taco's, and a nap! I'm pretty sure I saw Kelly that day too.. Really, I see them everyday!
Well, that was our first weekend without Justin! Pretty low key, but still eventful! It flew by, just like I want it too!!

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  1. Things always go wrong when the husbands are gone! Such cute pictures of the boys though, I can't wait to meet them all! :)