Monday, March 1, 2010

Mom's visit in pictures

Mom's visit started off with a fantastic Valentine's breakfast!

Had to get both views!

We spent that afternoon at the Randall's! Joel and Eli had a great time playing together.

Some goofy kids just hanging out!

Photo op!

Mom with John and Michelle Randall

We went to Sea World and watched Elmo's Live in 3D. Doesn't he look a little like Mr. Incredible here?

Elijah and Grandma

Elijah met Elmo!

Dun-a Dun-a Du, Shamu! Shamu!

Flamingo's are very smelly birds. Elijah enjoyed them!

My little man!

We enjoyed some ice cream

Some of us a little to much! LOL

Watched the Beluga whales swim.

Enjoyed a walk on the beach.

Well, not all of us enjoyed it...

"cooking" hot dogs on an open propane flame.... not so safe

Explaining you should use a pot of water instead...

Played a little soccer in the yard.

Monkey'd around at the zoo!

Went to see the elephants!

Sat on a random bird!

Entertained a rattle snake!

Visited the friendly giraffe's

Took the skyride

The boys wrestled when we got home.

We had a great visit!

Our wild man really misses his grandma!!

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