Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I did something today I haven't done in a long time... I'm talking like months and months!

I cooked!

I'm not really proud of that, but it's the truth. Since we've moved here I've made small simple meals. ex. pizza, tacos, etc. But tonight I went all out. I made steak, broccoli, and mashed potatoes and let me tell you what it was FANTASTIC! I spent most of the day home with Elijah. I did laundry, cleaned, and just relaxed. Elijah has been fighting a cold since last week so it was good to just rest. He watched two of the new movies he got from his birthday party last week. I really can't believe that in less than a week he'll be 3! Where did the time go?
I spent nap time taking a shower and reading my Bible. Have I mentioned lately how much I love reading God's Word?! I'm learning new things daily and really taking to heart all He's teaching me!

I do have some annoyingly bad news though..... Elijah has selective hearing. You know the blank stare you use to give your parents when they were yelling at you or telling you to do something, ya I get that. SUPER FRUSTRATING! I am getting more stern with him and hopefully he'll catch the drift before his butt is raw! Throwing a fit in the middle of Target cause I won't go to the toy isles at that EXACT minute is not acceptable to me. Call me strict, call me mean, call me whatever you want, but I firmly believe rearing him now will benefit me later!

Well, this has turned into a vent and I didn't mean for it too. I hope I covered all my bases on our day today.

I love you Justin! Thanks for the cute email today! Miss you loads and loads!

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