Monday, March 29, 2010

I started a new post yesterday afternoon, but after re-reading it this morning I realized it had become just a bunch of random thoughts turned into word vomit! So here I go again!
Today we are 2 weeks down on the deployment! It really has gone by so so fast. I think Saturday was the only day that didn't go by fast and that was partly because I didn't plan anything that day.
This last week was full of fun stuff! I can't really remember what we did Monday-Wednesday. I know I did go to church Wednesday night. It was Elijah's first time in his new big kid class! No more nursery for this dude! He's so happy he's in there because his sweet friend "Faif",Faith, as he calls her is in his class with him. At least until she moves up into the 1st grade class!
Thursday Kelly and I took the boys to our local farmers market. I needed to get flowers for Women's Bible Study, and it's always fun to go there cause people sell the coolest stuff! The boys really like it. I get a fresh squeezed lemonade, Kelly gets the boys kettle corn, and she buys freshly made tortilla chips! YUM!! We had a great time. We came home and shortly after lunch time we headed out to the dollar store to get small vases for the flowers and twine so I could decorate the bottoms of them. Once we were home I laid Elijah down to take a nap and I went to work on my vases. It was a total trial and error thing at first, but I finally did figure it out. I think they turned out pretty cute!
Friday was church. It was Renee's birthday! I think she was totally blessed. We had cake and some other good treats! Plus Michelle's message was awesome, as usual!
Saturday Elijah and I went to Chick Fil A with Kelly and the boys. They eat earlier than we do, but thats good cause it means we miss the rush! The boys played and played. Then Elijah and I headed off to Home Depot to get some Miracle Grow for our flowerbed. We played the rest of the day, mostly outside! Cops was on and of course we watched that!
Sunday was church. We went to early service for the first time! It was much different than 2nd service. New faces, same warm welcomed feeling! I so love our church. We are so blessed with such a great body of Christ! We had a playdate in the late afternoon with a friend of Kelly's. Shanna has 2 kids as well. A boy, Chandler, and a girl, Lyndzi. It was great getting to know her better and to spend time with friends!
Well thats all for now! I just finished cleaning up our flower bed so I need to go freshen up! I hope everyone is doing great!
The flowers from the farmers market and the vase I made for it

Renee's birthday flowers and her princess crown!

The birthday girl surrounded by a few of her favorite people!

Handsome Chandler

Precious Lyndzi

Crazy Quinn

Goofy Grayson

Silly Elijah!


  1. Glad your staying busy.. it will be over in no time!! What number deployment is this for you?


  2. This is deployment #2. He went to Iraq in 2008 for 7 months. Then a 16 month break. We are so so blessed!